I’m a twenty-seven-year old mother, writer of much, living in Marin just a few miles north of San Francisco with my husband, the most adorable man, Scott, our healthy baby boy, and our crazy, equally adorable beagle Mayes.

This past year we were gifted with a healthy baby, endless lessons and hilarious memories. I have never felt more alive, since being a parent, nor feminine. Hence the fashion and decorating posts. Ultimately, this blog is to bring other dynamic parents a sense of color, context and humor into the wildly unpredictable life of a parent! I guess you could label it a “mom blog” if you’d like. I look forward to hearing and learning from other  moms and dads, too. This blog touches on all the other wonderful things life offers… every day adventures, fashion, decorating inspiration, healthy living and good food. Did I mention good food? OK, well, we’ll be touching on good food.


Ana, 1 lady 3 males.

I’m also a professional writer under my maiden name: http://ana-embry.com


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