Currently Crushing On: Lulu & Georgia

I like to think of moving to a new place as a fresh decorating palette (and try to forget the stress moving causes!). Not an entire new decorating do-over, but a decorating facelift where I can donate things that don’t work for us anymore and look forward to a few new pieces. Our upcoming move has caused an endless internet search for cute and cozy pieces. I’m crushing on Lulu & Georgia. They’re based in West Hollywood, but they have something for everyone. I’ve got my eye on the Romantic Collection. Ah…





I favor classic furniture with feminine accents, sprinkled with a few masculine accents, for example wood or stone book ends. Play with accent pieces; rugs, curtains and accessories are much more affordable then buying all new furniture and instantly gives a new look and feel. Changing paint color is another easy way to give a decorating facelift. What have you done to give a space a new look?


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